‘Scary Movie 4’ Clip Loses Laughs, Gains Boobs

*Beware of slow motion and boobs* I still am unsure of what I just watched, and can’t quite figure out what it has to do with Dimension Films’ upcoming Scary Movie 4, but what I can tell you is that you’re about to see a whole lot of boobs and pillows in slow motion. If you head on over to iFilm you can watch a special clip from the fourth film in this craptacular franchise, which hopefully will conclude on April 14th. Anna Faris and Regina Hall are back as the loveable, dim-witted Cindy Campbell and her self-serving, sex-crazed pal, Brenda, respectively – joined this time around by Craig Bierko (Cinderella Man), as the cute-but-utterly clueless Tom Ryan. Together, they battle to save the world from a ruthless alien invasion.