‘Halloween’ Remake Moving Forward Soon?

Although this is slightly old news, it’s nice to hear something fresh and more solid. In the midst of all of the news regarding Dante Tomaselli wanting to be part of the next Halloween film, a very credible website had an interesting little bit mixed in with all of the madness. Moviehole writes, “While the Weinstein’s HAVE decided to remake that first Halloween – yep, new Laurie Strode – there is still a rough plan to do one more in the current series too.” Clint over at Moviehole always has had pretty solid news from anything Dimension related, so for him to confirm this major decision is as solid as it gets without an official press release. Watch this spot for more as it comes in and click the link below for more details on Dante’s adventure towards Halloweentown. Halloween 9 or a remake of Halloween- if I had to decide I’d just cross my fingers that someone other than Dimension Films produces it (keep dreaming Mr. D).

Source: Moviehole