WIN ‘Tales from the Crypt: Season 3’ on DVD!!

I love Warner Home Video, specifically because they’re pumping out the ‘Tales from the Crypt’ DVDs like there’s no tomorrow- we’re already almost half way there! Today we’ve been supplied with three (3) sets of Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Third Season on DVD, which hits stores everywhere on March 21st. Read on to see how to enter. Season 3 features appearances by Michael J. Fox, Teri Garr, Mariel Hemingway, Kyle MacLachlan, Beau Bridges, John Astin, Sandra Bernhard, Bruce Boxleitner, Jon Lovitz, Whoopi Goldberg, James Remar, John Rhys-Davies, Malcolm McDowell, George Wendt, William Atherton, Tim Roth, John Glover and more!

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Yes, that die-abolical punster and bone-a-fide ghoul of your dreams the Crypt Keeper is back to host this scare-rific collection of all 14 complete and uncut episodes from Season 3 of the series that ran seven memorably spooktacular seasons. Among the tales spilling out of the vault are Loved to Death, with Mariel Hemingway as a woman zapped by a love potion; Top Billing, starring Jon Lovitz as a struggling actor who’ll do anything for a part; and Dead Wait, with Whoopi Goldberg as an occult priestess who knows who do that voodoo. Doo yourself a favor and dig into this merrily macabre mix.

Want to win a copy? Then E-mail me the following information:

-Put CRYPT Season 3 in the subject line
-Include your full name
-Full address
-Tell me what your favorite episode in season 3 is and tell me what episode you’re looking forward to in season 4.

Winners chosen at random on March 19th.

Episode listing:
25. 3-1 15-Jun-1991 The Trap
26. 3-2 15-Jun-1991 Loved to Death
27. 3-3 15-Jun-1991 Carrion Death
28. 3-4 19-Jun-1991 Abra Cadaver
29. 3-5 26-Jun-1991 Top Billing
30. 3-6 03-Jul-1991 Dead Wait
31. 3-7 10-Jul-1991 The Reluctant Vampire
32. 3-8 17-Jul-1991 Easel Kill Ya
33. 3-9 24-Jul-1991 Undertaking Palor
34. 3-10 31-Jul-1991 Mournin’ Mess
35. 3-11 07-Aug-1991 Split Second
36. 3-12 14-Aug-1991 Deadline
37. 3-13 21-Aug-1991 Spoiled
38. 3-14 28-Aug-1991 Yellow

Source: Official website