Independent Horror Being Shown in New York

Into independent horror? Then head on over to the screening of Hair of the Dog at the Putnam County Film & Video Festival in NY, on October 4th at 9:15 pm, where it is up for best horror short (it’s 45 mins). It stars the lovely Doris Dany and features original music from the drummer of Queensryche, Geoff Tyson, Symphony X and an incredible musical score from David Helpling. Here’s a quick synopsis, “A defense attorney awakens with a black eye and tries to piece together the unsettling flashbacks from the previous night. When he sifts through the after-party remains at his best friend’s estate, more disturbing clues are revealed, a sexy and mysterious woman surfaces and the truth rears its ugly head.” For news & pics visit Mantaray Pictures. Thanks!

Source: Mantaray Pictures