New Pics from the Set of Sullivan’s Re-Titlted ‘The Chair’

Today new pics and a report from the set of Ginger Snap II director Brett Sullivan’s recently completed second feature film, The Chair, has been posted online. Renamed from Hush, the indie ghost story details the increasingly frightening encounters between psychology student Danielle (Alanna Chisholm, above left) and the spirit of a malevolent child murderer whose essence has remained trapped and dormant inside the house for nearly a century. In an attempt to prove to her sister Anna (Lauren Roy, above right) that she is neither insane nor imagining the unsettling occurrences that are beginning to overtake her life, Danielle sets out to document the haunting of her house—with horrifying results. Read on for the pics…

Head on over to Fangoria for the pics from the set along with more on the film. You can click the image below for our own image gallery:

Source: Fangoria