Roth Takes the Family Out of ‘Hostel 2′

During an interview over at iFMagazine, Eli Roth talked a little bit about Hostel 2, “SAW 2 was a big inspiration, they stepped it up and it was a fun sequel. I decided I better do HOSTEL 2 right now, while it’s fresh in my mind. It’s kind of got an expiration date on it. I had an idea for the sequel that I was really excited about, and I’m working on the script right now. Unlike the first HOSTEL, this one is not going to be a family movie. This one will have some blood in it and be a little darker and more violent. I have always wanted to see a sequel where it picks up with the next shot after the first one left off. I think the sequel should start off tonally where the last one left off.” Click the link below for more on ‘Hostel 2′, ‘Cell’ and the DVD cut of ‘Hostel’.

Source: ifMagazine