Tomaselli Talks ‘Ocean’ with B-D, Recasts Film

Today we’ve added our second interview with writer/director Dante Tomaselli, whos been making web headlines over the past few weeks in an attempt to direct the 9th Halloween pic for Dimension Films and WeinsteinCo. Dante has also been working on his next feature film, The Ocean, which begins filming soon, while his highly-anticipated Satan’s Playground is heading to DVD later this year from Anchor Bay Entertainment. Click the link above for more on his ambitions for ‘Halloween’, the full story behind the possibilities and what the future holds for this mad genius. Then read on for the story on the recasting of the film…
Fangoria writes:

Dante (SATAN’S PLAYGROUND) Tomaselli just gave Fango the word that although his new project THE OCEAN had hit a few financial snags, it now looks like the movie will be proceeding soon. Scripted by Fango’s Michael Gingold and Tomaselli, THE OCEAN will star Margot Kidder as Cathy, a medium who travels to Puerto Rico to reunite with her troubled family, while receiving psychic portents of an apocalyptic aquatic disaster. Vincent (THE SOPRANOS) Pastore is now set to play the role of Cathy’s husband, replacing Tom Atkins, whom Tomaselli still plans to give a cameo role to. The movie has its official website here, and you can also read more about it here.

Source: Interview #239, Fangoria