‘Snakes on a Plane’ Logo Revealed!

Let the shirts be made — already a cult phenomenon and stills months away from release is New Line Cinema’s Snakes on a Plane, which has more blogs and internet fan hype than any other movie of its caliber. Today Entertainment Weekly scored your first look at the logo for David Ellis’ film, which stars Samuel L. Jackson, Flex Alexander, Rachel Blanchard, Juliana Margulies, Nathan Phillips, Tygh Run yan and David Koechner. The film, which hits theaters August 18th, centers on a ruthless assassin who unleashes a crate full of lethal snakes aboard a packed passenger jet over the Pacific Ocean in order to eliminate a witness in protective custody. The rookie pilot and frightened passengers must band together to survive. Read on for the poster and some news on the recent re-shoots in Vancouver…
As film backstories go, this one is fairly serpentine. This month, New Line Cinema’s “Snakes on a Plane,” which wrapped principal photography in September in Vancouver, went back before the cameras for five days of additional shooting at the Lot in Los Angeles, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In this case, it wasn’t the usual reshoot, hastily assembled to fix a nagging story problem. Instead, the studio decided to create new scenes that would take the movie from PG-13 into R-rated territory. The second round of filming also came about because of intense and growing fan interest in the movie, which was directed by David R. Ellis and is not scheduled to be released until Aug. 18. “Snakes” stars Samuel L. Jackson as an FBI agent who has to fight a planeload of snakes unleashed by an assassin bent on killing a witness in protective custody. Sight unseen, the movie has grown from something of a joke into a phenomenon slithering untamed throughout the Internet

Logo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, click the pic for our image gallery:

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood Reporter