Off Topic: ‘Slevin’ Clip and ‘V for Vendetta’ a Must See!

I’m going to go and forget the horror genre for a few minutes because of two special films, the first being WeinsteinCo.’s upcoming Lucky Number Slevin, which hits theaters April 7th. Today The Movie Box found two clips from the amazing film noir over at As I’ve seen the film at this year’s Sundance, the movie is pretty violent and I think many of you will quite enjoy it. A case of mistaken identity lands a man (Hartnett) in the middle of a murder being plotted by one of New York City’s biggest crime bosses (Kingsley). The second film I wanted to talk about is Warner Bros.’ V for Vendetta (review #1, #2), which is now in theaters everywhere. Although not nearly a horror film, I’ve never seen such a terrifying vision of the future put on the big screen. I think everyone in the world should see this movie, as I believe in my own personal opinion that this is in fact the type of world we are heading towards. I ask that if you are trying to pick something to see this upcoming weekend, you go see ‘Vendetta.’

Source: The Movie Box