Uwe Boll Joins ‘Masters of Horror: Season 2’!!

We’ve got some extremely shocking news for you guys, which I’m sure will start one hell of an uproar. According to sources close to us, the infamous director Dr. Uwe Boll will be joining the growing list of famous directors who will take part in Mick Garris’ Masters of Horror: Season 2, which will air on Showtime later this year. Uwe became a household name after delivering us Artisan’s House of the Dead, Lionsgate’s classic Alone in the Dark and this past January’s release of BloodRayne. Inside we have word directly from Dr. Boll about this monumental announcement, along with some pictures of props being used in his film, which is entitled ‘Plan 8 from Outer Space’…

Actual props being tested!

Uwe Boll tells B-D exclusively, “I’m honored to be part of the greatest venture in horror history and working next to other great filmmakers. I know I will be able to teach them a few things, just as I’ll learn a whole lot from them,” our response to the e-mail? April Fool’s Day suckers!!