New Reviews: ‘Cerberus’ and Lynch’s ‘Dumbland’

I didn’t even know they existed (shows you what type of fan I am), but last week Subversive Cinema released David Lynch’s short animated film collection entitled Dumbland, which Tex Massacre really enjoyed. Dumbland is a crude, stupid, violent and absurd animated series created entirely by master of the macabre David Lynch. If it is funny, it is funny because we see the absurdity of it all. Also added is a review for Lionsgate’s Cerberus, which is also now on video. In the direct to video film a band of mercenaries set out to uncover the lost sword of Attila the Hun, but in order to do so, they first have to get by a three-headed hound from hell. Check out the Moviepit for more.

Source: Moviepit