Want to See ‘Killer Klowns 2’?

If this scooper is legit, with a little help from fans, we could possibly see a Killer Klowns From Outer Space 2! Read on for the full scoop, and don’t forget to drop a email to the link at the bottom if you want to see it!
I received the following email from Kevin, who was at Monstermania in Philly this weekend, “Hi, was just at a convention this past weekend outside of Philly, and I got to meet the Chiodo Brothers, specifically Stephen Chiodo. Very cool, friendly guy. I gotta say, I had mixed feelings for “Killer Klowns” until I was able to meet him. Their table had a demo reel playing and a bunch of concept art for Killer Klowns. He was very pleased to notice all the people who have grown up on his movie, either liking it or hating it (my friends and I are 19, and have grown up watching it in heavy rotation on basic cable). He happily noted they are meeting with MGM in two weeks to talk about a possible sequel to “Killer Klowns From Outer Space.” Now, at first I was kind of skeptical, but apparently the special edition dvd sales have been up there with Hannibal’s, and a sequel of any type is more plausible now than it ever was. I’m not sure if they mentioned anymore later on in the weekend (this was just at their table Friday, and they had a Q&A and screening Saturday), but he did say they were looking to bring in evidence of the movie’s cult fanbase when they have the meeting. I asked if they were going to set up an online petition or anything, and he looked like he hadn’t even considered that. I’m not sure if there are any hardcore fans who want to go start something, but Stephen did give out his business card, and said for now to just send them e-mails.

So whoever wants to see a “Killer Klowns 2” can e-mail schiodo@chiodobros.com.

Source: Kevin, Monstermania