Donnie Whalberg Ready for More Games in ‘Saw III”

One of B-D’s very first members ‘Jasonlives 1986′ dropped in a scoop this morning from last night’s Boston Celtics game where Saw II star Donnie Wahlberg was in attendance. ‘Jasonlives1986′ writes, “I don’t remember if when you broke the news on Saw III that you mentioned Donnie Whalberg being in it or not, but if not then let me tell you that last night while watching the Boston Celtics game in Toronto he did some commentary and mentioned that he will indeed return for the third movie.” Earlier this week both Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith were confirmed as returning as well- it sounds to me like there’s a massive surprise hiding in there. Darren Lynn Bousman returns to direct in honor of the late Gregg Hoffman. The film hits theaters October 27th.