Columbia’s ‘X’ Remake Still in the Cards

After two remakes already being announced this week (Into the Mirror and Near Dark), Columbia Pictures has their sights set on a remake of their own– the 1963 Roger Corman classic X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes will join the quickly growing list of Sony remakes, according to Fangoria. If you havent been keeping tab, Tim Burton was once in talks to direct the remake. Fango reports that Columbia is hot on the trail of a sribe for the Todd Lieberman, David Hoberman and Albert Page produced pic. In the original, Ray Milland played the titular X, a scientist who goes to desperate extremes and tests an eye serum on himself that gives him the power of x-ray vision. It’s a fascinating advantage at first, as Xavier is able to see through walls, clothes and other items, but things get freaky when he begins seeing things far more terrifying. Don Rickles co-starred in this Robert Dillon-scripted film.

Source: Fangoria