‘Project Terror’ Officially Shut Down… for Good?

One of regular (and most reliable) scoopers dropped us a line this afternoon with some depressing news. According to our source Robert Rodriquez’s “Project Terror” was officially shut down for good as of yesterday- the crew was let go and everything. It may gear up again next year, but who knows. Until then, there’s no word on the fate of Tarantino’s “Death Proof”, which is scheduled to shoot in LA this summer. WeinsteinCo.’s Grind House double feature was scheduled to hit theaters December 1st, but it looks like we may be waiting until next year- but who knows maybe they’ll pull a “Kill Bill” and ‘Project Terror’ will end up being a Volume 2 so to speak. Watch for an official statement in the coming weeks for official word. Rodriguez’s part, “Project Terror,” will be a zombie pic, while Tarantino’s section, “Death Proof,” will a slasher seg.

Source: Anonymous