WIN a Copy of Tartan’s Stunning ‘Natural City’

Tartan Video is finally set to release the highly anticipated Natural City (review) on DVD next Tuesday and we’ve been supplied with five (5) copies for you guys to try and win. Byung-chun Min’s film is 100% ‘Blade Runner’ meets ‘The Matrix’, so if you’re into that dark sci-fi action fun, this Korean pic is for you. Read on and see how to enter to win…
It is AD 2080, the world has become a high-tech information society where national boundaries may have disintegrated but has been restructured as nation-states interconnected by a huge network. Genetic engineering and Mechanical engineering has reached its peak enabling the world to modify clone human DNA by a neuro-chip. Hence, a neuro-chip geared human clone with artificial intelligence, “Combiner” is born and these Combiners become integral parts of human life.

Constant war between the nation-states and the rapid scientific growth intensifies the gulf between the rich and poor. The poor gather at the outskirts of the city and create a slum district built on the water called “Raiha”. Meanwhile, the Combiners develop an effect called “Split Dubbing” whereby their souls merge through unknown channels. The split dubbed Combiners AWOL and create new social problems. A unit of MPs is formed to eliminate the AWOL Combiners. Among them is R (25yrs, male) who falls in love with complimentary service Combiner, Lea.

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To enter to win E-mail me the following info:

-Put NATURAL CITY in the subject line
-Inside include your full name
-Full mailing address
-Then cross your fingers for luck

Winners to be chosen at random this upcoming Tuesday when ‘Natural City’ hits retailers everywhere!

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