More on the ‘Cube TV Series’

Lennie over at Uncubed talked to the director of Cube, Vincenzo Natali, to hear if he had more to say about this subject and here’s what he said, “You want to know about Cube: the series. I’m afraid that there isn’t too much to say at this point. It’s true that I came up with a concept for a television series loosely based on “Cube”. All I can tell you about it at this point is that the series, if it ever comes about, takes place in a maze that is grander, more complex and more metaphysical in nature than the one in the original film. As well it focuses on an individual prisoner rather than an ensemble. There was some discussion with the Sci-Fi Network earlier this year about producing the series. However, they did not make the kind of commitment that I needed in order to pursue it further. So, for the time being, Cube: the series is on ice. Right now, I am concentrating on developing a number of feature films unrelated to Cube.”

Source: Uncubed