Jigsaw Joins ‘The Horror Chronicles’

We received word today that Robert Kurtzman’s “Buried Alive”, which is part of Dark Lot Entertainment’s The Horror Chronicles, has now cast up. Joining one of the three films is Tobin Bell (Saw 1,2,3), Terence Jay, Leah Rachel, Germaine De Leon, Steve Sandvoss, Shannon Schlussel and Erin Michelle Lokitz. Art Monterastelli (The Hunted) writes a tale of a group of college friends whose weekend getaway at a remote hunting lodge turns terrifying. ‘Living Hell’ is the story of what happens when a terrifying organism is inadvertently released from a secret Army facility. ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is the story of a U.S. Army solider who returns home from the Middle East — in body only. Soon, his tranquil small town is gripped by strange and violent events. To be directed by John Stalberg, Jr.

Source: B-D