‘Silent Hill’ Review #1 Enters Hell and Doesn’t Return!

Today we’ve got a total of three reviews coming in for TriStar Pictures’ Silent Hill, which is now in theaters everywhere. If you click here you can read the first of the three reviews, which sounds like he pretty much loved Christophe Gans’ pic. What’s interesting about his opinion though is that he compares the film to a children’s fantasy film, only it’s horror, ““Director Christophe Gans creates a film along the lines of a children’s fantasy such as ‘Dark Crystal’ or ‘The Neverending Story’ – only it truly is a horror pic. Nothing is a surprise in the film, everything is simply laid out and executed in a way that even a two-year-old could follow… that is until the end.” What happens in the end? I guess you’ll have to see! Click here to post your reviews in our official ‘Silent Hill’ review thread.

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