Get ‘Abominable’ Tonight in Hollywood, Mini-Review!

SpookyDan writes in with a quick tid-bit for you people around Hollywood, “Meet some Abominable freaks tonight in Hollywood — and set your Tivo’s too as tonight will be all about Big Foot. Meet director Ryan Schifrin and some cast members tonight at the 9:45pm screening in Los Angeles at the Leamelle (details inside). This fun film has been getting extraordinary reviews all over the net, which is quite an accomplishment for a low budget indie film. In addition, Ryan and gang will be a featured tonight on Nightline! So set your Tivo’s to catch it after the screening- I know that there is one hell of an amazing surprise that you will ALL want to see (Hint: who is tougher, Jason or Ash?). So it’s Friday night, (baby hold on tight) and get your daily fill of: Blood, Boobs, and a crazy cool BIGFOOT! Tell them Bloody-disgusting sent ya! Read on for as mini-review and details on where you can see the movie tonight…

Meet the stars tonight at:

Laemmle Sunset 5
8000 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA
Get your tickets here before it sells out by cicking here

Abominable mini-review
By SpookyDan

Bigfoot is back and this time he’s hungry and pissed off at the local tourists. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a good Bigfoot movie, and this one is a big step up from the normal Sci-Fi Channel original monsters gone wild films that they keep pumping out.

It’s a fun film that has a cool monster, hot chicks and entertaining gore. Here is the deal, its like Hitch****’s ‘Rear Window,’ but instead of witnessing a plain old murder, the murders are committed by the abominable beast (like Mimic: Sentinel). Wheelchair-bound Preston Rogers is helpless to alerting his foxy neighbors that trouble is around the corner.

I really enjoyed watching this film, especially because of the numerous surprise cameos throughout. Genre and personal favorite of mine is Tiffany Shepis as one of the hot neighbor babes that decides to take a shower just before the **** hits the fan. I’m a big supporter of gratuitous nudity, especially when it’s the sexy Tiffany Shepis! Then right in the middle of the film there’s a priceless scene with Lance Henrickson, Rex Lynn and Jeffery Combs that is worth the admission price in and of itself. During thr scene these three old men are out with their shotguns ready to take down the monster during a hunting expedition- and what rules about this scene is the superb actors getting to show off a bit of their chops by talking about random stuff, while playing against the type we have seen them do before… great Job guys!

Boobs 2 stars (one star for each one)
Gore 4 stars
Movie 3 stars

Check out Abominable Opening today in Los Angeles and next month on the Sci-Fi channel!

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