Special Short Film: Ash Takes on Jason Voorhees

Yesterday we told you about a special surprise from writer/director Ryan Schifrin that would be announced on his special ABC “Nightline” interview. After talking about the horror genre and his film Abominable, they showed a very special short film edited together by Schifrin — can you say Ash vs. Jason?! Click here and watch Ash kick Jason Voorhees’ ass by some clever editing by Schifrin. Also, if you look to the panel on the right you can watch the entire 11-minute segment from the show if you missed it. “Abominable”, which features an array of guest stars, centers on a paralyzed man who is trapped in a remote cabin and must save a group of college students vacationing nearby from a menacing monster.” Watch for ‘Abominable’ in the Sci-Fi Channel next month.

Source: ABC News