Director Announced, First Details on ‘Missed Call’ Remake

One of cult directors Takashi Miike’s most popular films is his film One Missed Call, mostly because it was one of the only mainstream horror films he ever did. The film was so successful that a sequel was made, and now a third in in production. Announced almost a year ago is a remake of the film, which seemed to vanish off the face of the planet… until today. Inside you’ll find details on the director and more! In the original, when Yumi’s friend meets a gruesome and mysterious death three days after receiving a phone call on her mobile phone that was dated from the future, Yumi finds herself destined to meet the same doom. As her friends one-by-one meet the same grisly end, Yumi takes it upon herself to figure out the puzzle before her, in hopes that she can solve it before her phone rings as well…
Variety reports:

French filmmaker Eric Valette is set to direct the English-language remake of Japanese supernatural horror hit “Chakushin ari” (“One Missed Call”) for Alcon Entertainment, Intermedia and Kadokawa Pictures USA.

Warner Bros. will distribute the pic through its output deal with Alcon, the financing and production shingle backed by FedEx topper Fred Smith. Lensing is set to begin this summer.

Screenplay was adapted from the original Japanese film by Andrew Klavan, who penned the screenplay for Michael Caine starrer “A Shock to the System,” as well as several novels.

In Japan, “One Missed Call” has become a lucrative franchise, with a third installment now in production.

Story revolves around a college student whose friends begin receiving cell phone messages from the future in which they hear themselves being murdered. When she receives her own death message, the coed has three days to change her fate.

Producers are Alcon’s Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson, Kadokawa’s Jennie Lew Tugend and Lauren C. Weissman and Intermedia’s Scott Kroopf.

English-language version is the first of three films slated for production this year by Kadokawa USA, the newly formed American arm of the Japanese media conglom.

A veteran commercial director, Valette won notice for his first feature, the stylized horror film “Malefique.” Producer Neal Moritz and Paramount are planning an English-language remake, with scribe John Pogue set to adapt.

Source: Variety