Another ‘Friday’, more on the ‘Hills’ & ‘FvJ2′

Bloody-Disgusting Exclusive: Tons of scoops all coming from a screening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre this past weekend. Besides regurgitating some old news, there is still some new, such as more details on The Hills Have Eyes remake and another Friday the 13th! Read on, read on..
Max Q. wites in from another Texas Chainsaw Massacre screening, “I have a little news scoop for ya…well kinda. I was going to talk about it in the forum but thought I’d let you have first.

I was at a screening of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” this week – which by the way is excellent, Jessica Biel is divine and Leatherface is scary as hell! – and there was a question and answer session following, which was basically a chance for New Line cinema to plug all their upcoming stuff.

They talked about several projects, firstly they’re remaking Wes Craven’s “The hills have eyes”. Ok, don’t get too excited. Wes Craven isn’t doing it, it’s only going to be one of those “Wes Craven Presents things…” and by the sounds of it will be a direct to video title.

We also had the opportunity to ask Jeff Allard and the gang from the studio in the foyer about the horror resurrection of late, and they talked about cabin fever and freddy vs jason etc. anyway, we got a semi-official ‘yes’ that there is going to be another freddy vs jason, but probably with one of the other horror icons teaming up with Fred. No mention of whom.

Thirdly – and god I hope this is not old news! – the popularity of F vs J has breathed new life into the “Jason” franchise too. They’ll be making another solo one of him too. Not in space apparently – just back to the roots. Camp Crystal Lake. I asked when, they said ‘a couple of years’ when Sean [I presume Cunningham?] finishes it.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting Exclusive