Romania’s ‘Vlad The Impaler’ Theme Park a Go?

After trouble getting things off the ground because of Universal owning the rights to the big name Draculas, the Vampire theme park in Romania could actually be getting off the ground, without approval or a deal with Universal. Read on for the interesting story…
Variety reports, “After lawyers for Universal, which controls rights to the Hollywood incarnation of the famed bloodsucker, threatened legal action if royalties weren’t paid, the project appeared to have gotten a stake through the heart.

No major investor was willing to pony up the $15 million necessary to bring the park to life, and this summer a handful of small investors sold off their shares and fled to the hills like torch-bearing peasants.

Now, Romanian Prime Minister Adrian Nastase has promised government backing, with Bucharest vowing to provide the land needed to build the park, which is to include a Gothic castle (making it Europe’s largest haunted house), golf courses and a vampire-themed hotel.

Romania reportedly has promise not to use the Universal movie image of Dracula at the park, focusing instead on historial images of Vlad the Impaler. But Hollywood could still be in line to earn handsome royalties if and when the development is completed.”

Source: Variety