Exclusive First Pics from Miike’s ‘Imprint’!!

Awhile back we scored a very early look at Takashi Miike’s US banned episode of Showtime’s Masters of Horror anthology entitled Imprint (review)… today we’ve scored the first two official pics from the 60-minute film, which will debut here in the States on DVD later this year courtesy of Anchor Bay and IDT. Based on a novel by Shimako Iwai, an American named (Billy Drago) is looking for his lost love named Komomo (Michie) in a small town in Japan filled with prostitutes with the hopes of bringing her back to America. He meets a fellow prostitute who tells the American about Komomo’s fate. The American refuses to believe her story ands prys until he finds out the truth, which he really, really doesn’t want to know.

Click either pic for the full gallery of images:

Source: More pics here