Exclusive New Pics from ‘Blood Trails’

One film that flew way under our radar is Robert Krause’s Blood Trails, which has really been making waves among festivals in the horror community. The last award it has won was the ‘Audience Award’ from Edinburgh’s Dead by Dawn film festival. After doing a little research we’ve really been impressed with the look of the film and hope to infect you guys with the hype as well. Inside you’ll find two exclusive pictures from the film, along with a link to a bunch more. Hopefully we’ll see the film here in the States sometime this year…
Bike messenger Anne (REBECCA PALMER) never imagined the horrific events that would unfold when her casual run-in with a stranger named Chris (BEN PRICE) leads back to his apartment. Tortured the next morning by a vicious hangover and a guilty conscience, Anne proposes a romantic escape to the mountains with her boyfriend, Michael (TOM FREDERIC). The fresh-air and scenic beauty does wonders for the couple as they sail down the bike trails of the exotic mountain range… until Chris suddenly appears… killing Michael… and beginning his deadly pursuit. As Anne races franticly downhill to save her very life, Chris follows her turn for turn… starting a dangerous journey where no obstacle will get in his way… a journey where every path and every trail leads to a bloody end.

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