Get School Credit, Intern with B-D and FDM!

[color=yellow]I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much work it is keeping up two websites, especially when we’re getting ready to re-launch one of them. and are my hobby, it’s just something I love to do… basically it’s not my day job. If you’re a fan of both websites, want to help make them ever better and are in school, we are looking for interns for summer, fall or spring semesters- always. If you think you can get an internship through your school and want the credit hours by writing, and doing database work for us just E-mail me the following information:[/color] Put INTERN in the subject line; inside tell me what semester you want to help with (i.e. spring ’07), your age, what school you go to and anything else you think we’d like to know.[color=yellow] This is a non-paying position, but you can add us to your resume and we will gladly write you letters of recommendation. *Please be patient with our response, it may take a few weeks.[/color]

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