Touchstone Picture Deal Ends Up ‘Dead in the Water’

I’m still waiting for Disney to grow some balls, and after Dark Water and Stay Alive I don’t think we’ll ever see those marvelous hanging stones that come hand-in-hand with guts. Today Touchstone Pictures has announced that they have purchased the spec script Dead in the Water, to be produced by Damien Saccani’s Cider Mill House Pictures, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The horror script, penned by twin brothers Noah and Alexi Hawley, follows a grieving couple as they go on a cruise in an attempt to reignite their marriage. When the ship rescues a man at sea, the couple becomes embroiled in a horrific nightmare. Casey Wolfe will oversee it for the Walt Disney Co. Cider Mill’s Bridget Humphrey brought the project into the shingle.

Source: Hollywood Reporter