Lin Waiting for that “Special” ‘Oldboy’ Script?

Ahhhh remakes, deciding whether or not we need ’em is almost like debating over abortion (well, not quite). One remake I am 100% against is Oldboy, which was to be directed by Justin Lin, who has The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift set to drop next month. As much as I am agaist it, I’m not going to lie… I’d be the first in line to see it (so much for pride). But good news for fans against the remake of the classic Park Chan-wook picture, it looks like the remake may be on hold. Read on for details…
Now Playing Magazine writes:

On the heels of the movie’s Stateside release last spring, Universal picked up the American remake rights [to Oldboy], and rumors flew that Nicolas Cage was interested in starring in the film. Indie helmer turned studio hired hand Justin Lin, who has The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift set to drop next month, was bandied about as a possible director, and even contributed an unofficial story pitch that put him in the catbird’s seat. Unfortunately, that also put him squarely in the sights of vociferous, ankle-nipping detractors who want guarantees of a more idiosyncratic take on the project.

“The studio has it,” Lin recently told Now Playing magazine. “I’m still trying to…” Here he pauses judiciously. “We’ll see. It would really have to be the right situation. I know the situation I would like it to be, and if it’s not that, then they should find a great filmmaker to make it. It was one of those movies that blew me away. I have very strong opinions on it, and I haven’t come close to developing those to the point [where I’d] actually want to remake it yet. I’m very protective of that film.”

“There’s been lots of speculation out there, a lot of people trashing me,” Lin continues. “The terms would have to be right, and that’s an ongoing assessment. You don’t want to make a Xerox copy because the original is so brilliant. One day hopefully someone will cross that bridge, but right now nothing’s happening with it. If anything, it’s actually safely tucked away.”

Source: Now Playing Magazine