B-D at the Red Carpet Premiere of ‘See No Evil’

Last week Lionsgate held their red carpet premiere for their upcoming WWE horror pic See No Evil, which stars WWE wrestler Kane (Glen Jacobs). Inside you’ll find pics form the premiere (tons of WWE wrestlers were in attendance), along with Dan’s mini-review of the film, which hits theaters everywhere Friday. In Gregory Dark’s film, a group of delinquents clean a hotel to fill their community service. Unfortunately for them they are not aware a maniac is also in the hotel. He locks them in and begins to hunt them down. Watch for interviews with Kane and Gregory Dark this week! Read on for the red carpet report…
SpookyDan writes in:

Wrestling fans will rejoice in the violently savage, and occasionally gory, See No Evil.

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of attending the red carpet premiere of ‘See No Evil’, directed by Gregory Dark, and written by Dan Madigan. Held in Orange County California, this was an event that was not missed by many of the WWE wrestlers and, of course, their rabid fans. In case you weren’t aware, those wrestling fans are even more fanatical and hungry for violence than we horror fans are! And the best part is, that because of them, we have another horror film in the release list this coming Friday!

*Read below the review for SpookyDan’s pics from the red carpet premiere of the film, which hits theaters everywhere Friday.

SpookyDan’s mini-review:

Director Gregory Dark is well known for his music videos as well as his past career as a porn director. But, he has long since been away from that industry and moving into feature. This is his first real “theatrical” feature, and boy does it have style, and then some to spare. The basic premise is that a bunch of “bad” teens are sent to an abandoned hotel to do community service and help clean it up so it can be renovated into a homeless shelter. They arrive to find that the rumors about secret passageways and two-way mirrors are all true, and residing inside this creepy set piece is of course the eyeball collecting, KANE!

The fact is, KANE is one scary ass mother f***er, even before the make up FX, so you have no problem believing that this dude has a huge chip on his shoulder and means to take out everyone. Darks’ past may have helped him come up with this dirty gritty style that is laden throughout the film. Visually and atmospherically stunning, the blood spills right from the beginning of the film, and it will be sure to please the gore hounds. But oddly, even though it’s a very violent film, the bloodshed doesn’t overshadow the general tone of the film.

The lead actress has a disgusting shower scene, which kind of pissed me off because they decided to go light on the nudity. It seems strange to me that when you make a horror film filled with blood and guts and brutality, why wimp out? They give us a (gratuitous) PG-13 shower scene!?! The young characters are so unlikable that when they get killed you kind of don’t mind that they are being offed.

…And, I never quite understood why he collects people’s eyeballs. I understand with the SEE NO EVIL title, but it doesn’t pay off well within the film. If you like popcorn horror films that have a ton of atmosphere and a bit of substance, ‘See No Evil’ is blood-soaked visual showcase.

What will these wrestling guys unleash on us next?!

3 of 5 skulls