Trying to do ‘Beyond Re-Animator’ Right

Brian Yuzna talked with Sci-Fi Wire about why it took so long to see Beyond Re-Animator (review), which is being shown on the Sci-Fi Channel tomorrow night! Read on for the story.
“Brian Yuzna, who produced and directed the upcoming SCI FI Pictures original presentation Beyond Re-Animator, told SCI FI Wire that it wasn’t just financial concerns that caused 13 years to pass between Re-Animator sagas. “I went through a lot of different ideas and took a lot of suggestions for a sequel, but there wasn’t anything that really grabbed me,” Yuzna said in an interview. “The idea that I kept coming back to was the notion of trapping the soul upon death and dealing with why zombies act so weird.”

At one point, Yuzna considered revisiting both of the central characters in Re-Animator and Bride of Re-Animator, Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) and Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs). That fell by the wayside when Yuzna realized Beyond Re-Animator would become a movie “about a couple of middle-aged doctors, when Re-Animator is really more about young doctors, medical students.” Yuzna then developed a script in which an imprisoned Dr. West befriends Howard Philips (Jason Barry), a medic at the prison where he’s incarcerated. Philips is an admirer of Dr. West’s handiwork, and it’s not long before zombies start acting weird again.

Yuzna acknowledges that Combs is the key figure in the Re-Animator saga. “I’ve always seen Jeff as essential,” the filmmaker said. “I knew we needed him and Dr. West. He was involved with noodling out the story and coming up with ideas [when ideas for a sequel were first bandied about more than a decade ago], but because there was such a long period of time where it lay fallow, he wasn’t so much involved as we developed the version that we shot. Once the script went to him, Jeff certainly had a lot of ideas about how West should be treated, and a whole lot of his ideas are taken to heart because he is sort of the expert on West. I used our previous discussions. What we did with West, our interpretation of West, coincides with Jeffrey’s.” Beyond Re-Animator airs Oct. 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the SCI FI Channel.”

Source: Sci-Fi Wire, The Famous Gary C.