‘Helloween’ Still in the Works?

Just like I said, just because 55% of the people who voted over at Halloween.com don’t want to see Helloween (the match-up between Pinhead and Michael Myers) doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. There is still 45% who do want to see this gruesome match-up, and who knows how many people will change their mind once it’s made? Read on for some words from Doug Bradley on the project.
Celluloid Shockers writes, “We recently got back from Collectormania in the UK where we ran in to our buddy ‘The Boogieboy’ who recently chatted with Doug (Pinhead) Bradley. During their conversation the subject of ‘Michael Myers Vs Pinhead’ was discussed. This is what the Boogie Boy told us:

I had a chat with Doug about Michael vs Pinhead he told me “it is 100% in the works”

He also asked me what I thought about it I said “do it right, Freddy vs Jason had a good meaning for them the match up”

He said “Michael Myers is a mass murderer, sexually perverted and a complete maniac so thats the right mixture (in pinheads voice) for pinhead to sow his seeds of torment.”

Take this for what it’s worth, from my sources, they have been planning Helloween since 1995! Obviously they could have some ideas which could work, too bad that wasn’t the poll, “if this is how Pinhead and Myers collide, would you see it?”

Source: Celluloid Shockers