‘Hellboy’ Trailer and Poster update

Inside is some news straight from Guillermo del Toros mouth about when we might see the Hellboy poster and trailer. In addition, there are some other updates about the movie which hits theaters April 2nd, 2004.
Over on the Hellsite message board Director Guillermo del Toro tells us when we will see a poster and trailer for his next flick Hellboy:

“-The Hellboy trailer, which is around 2 minutes long, will likely be attached to Tom Cruise’s ‘The Last Saumrai’, hitting theaters December 5th. Del Toro also implies that the trailer should show up online in Quicktime and Windows Media as soon as late October/early November.

-Actor Doug Jones has done his voice test work for the role of Abe Sapien, which he provided the physical performance for in Prague, but del Toro would like to experiement with the voice a bit before he makes a final decision on whether to use his vocals in the final sound mix or pursue actor David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) for the voice portion of the role.

-Artist Drew Struzan (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter) is currently working on the Hellboy poster, which is set for release in theaters “Fall/Winter”. Don’t try to finagle the original art out of Struzan, though – del Toro already has dibs.

-Guillermo’s idea of a ‘Fan CD’, composed of original pieces of music by fans to be downloadable off the movie’s official website, is not going over great with Sony, but it is being considered.

-Sony and Revolution love the footage they’ve seen so far, but no sequel deal can be made until the box office numbers come in next April. Were a sequel to move forward, it would be co-authored by series creator Mike Mignola, and be “quite extravagant.”

Source: Hellsite, Countingdown