Leatherface Gets Ready to ROCK!

Andrew Bryniarski’s (Leatherface) “Musical Freak Show” hits the road in the U.S. for its Halloween Haunt Tour starting October 17th (the same day Texas Chainsaw Massacre hits theaters) in Houston, Texas and works its way to California. Read on for the full press-release.
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Here is a press release from Andrew Bryniarski’s Publicist. Thought you guys might like to run it on the site:”

The Buzz of the Chainsaw, The Roar of the Guitar!

Andrew Bryniarski’s “Musical Freak Show” hits the road in the U.S. for its Halloween Haunt Tour

To compliment the anticipated release of New Line Cinemas The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), Andrew Bryniarski, who resurrects the role of Leatherface in
the film, unveils his “Musical Freak Show” to the fans.

“Musical Freak Show” is his rock band that plays towards the themes of Halloween. The band features Bryniarski as its lead vocalist and front madman, axe
murderers “Evil” Jimmy Fine and El Phantasmo on guitars, Swedish SenSatan on bass and “Crazy” Mondo Insano on drums.

The tour will be an immense draw as Bryniarski (named one of Hollywoods top 100 creative people) and Leatherface have an extremely large fan base.
Leatherface remains one of the most recognized horror characters in movie history.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) has achieved success as a cult horror film ever since it first shocked audiences with its chilling realism in 1974.

Now New Line Cinema unveils The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), which has claimed to keep the spirit of the original, but is also its own movie. The film
is directed by visualist Marcus Nispel and has Bryniarski playing the pivotal role of the chainsaw-killing psychopath known as Leatherface.

Bryniarskis “Musical Freak Show” Halloween Haunt Tour is his way of giving back to the fans, but exhaling his other love besides acting, which is Rock N
Roll. The band is also working out deals to raise funds for distinct charities.

The “Musical Freak Show” Halloween Haunt Tour kicks off on Friday October 17th & 18th in Houston, Texas as the Six Flags Theme Park Astroworld, which is
opening weekend for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003). The Houston media has already begun running spots on radio and television. The band will continue
with stops in Dallas, Texas and Waco, Texas, in which the dates will be announced soon.

“Musical Freak Show” then continues to rock and shock audiences with stops in Los Angeles, California and San Diego, California (pending) before concluding
the tour in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Tom Savinis “Terrormania” on Friday October 31st. The Halloween show has been promised by Bryniarski to feature the band at the summit out-of-control holiday hysteria.

The “Musical Freak Show” Haunted Halloween Tour will be a great way to celebrate the release of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), with the man playing
Leatherface performing front and center for all fans.