This is Just Plain Pathetic… Uwe Boll Low Blows Romar!

Even though I think he’s the single worst director since the late and great Ed Wood, I have always spoke highly of Uwe Boll and his heart… but sometimes people’s true colors show through their actions. When BloodRayne (review) was being distributed here in the States by newbie Romar Entertainment, I couldn’t help but wonder why they’d jump on board a sinking ship? Even though the film flopped, I was astonished by how much the film was promoted and actually thought that the movie might actually pull in a few million more than I originally anticipated. Here we are a few months later and the film has banked a disgusting worldwide total of $3,591,980 million (ouch!). Who’s to blame? Uwe Boll says Romar Entertainment, and is suing them. I say Uwe Boll’s name and negative reviews crushed the box office receipts. Read on for this despicable news…

BloodRayne “sucked”… no pun intended

Today the Hollywood Reporter discovered that the producers of ‘BloodRayne’ sued their U.S. distributor Monday for allegedly failing to properly promote or distribute the action horror film. The case brought by Uwe Boll and his companies against Romar Entertainment, James Schramm and Billy Zane seeks unspecified damages in Los Angeles Superior Court for breach of contract and other claims. The suit accuses Romar of breaching the agreement by failing to ensure that the movie opened in at least 2,000 theaters, of failing to pay the plaintiffs their share of the gross proceeds and failing to use the $10 million advanced by the production company to promote and advertise the film.

Box Office Mojo user ratings:

A’s: 10.9%
B’s: 8.4%
C’s: 6.9%
D’s: 13.9%
F’s: 59.9%

60% F’s? Come on? Blame Romar? Blame them for being idiots and picking up a Uwe Boll film…

Source: Hollywood Reporter