Sony Screen Gems Brings Back ‘The Stepfather’

Sony Screen Gems is really getting under my skin… I think their publicity department is fantastic, phenomenal for that matter, but how bad are their remakes? Seriously? Look at the laundry list of wasted remakes: The Fog, When a Stranger Calls, The Grudge and more coming. So everytime a new remake is announced over at Screen Gems, I think an angel dies and my heart breaks. Sure the numbers do wonders for our genre, but who cares when the horror fans don’t like the horror movie? Anyways, tonight it was announced that the Gems’ next remake will be of the 1987 classic film The Stepfather. Read on for the skinny…
Variety reports:

Screen Gems has acquired remake rights to 1987 horror pic “The Stepfather” for Greg Mooradian and Maverick Films to produce.
In the original “Stepfather,” which was based on a true story, Terry O’Quinn (“Lost”) plays a seemingly normal man, who wants the perfect family. When they don’t measure up, he eliminates them and moves on to find his next perfect family.

New pic is being produced by Mooradian and Maverick’s Mark Morgan and Guy Oseary. Robert Green of Granada exec produces.

Mooradian, Morgan and Oseary also are producers on Fox 2000’s “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief,” based on the children’s book by Rick Riordan.

Maverick’s slate includes remake “My Sassy Girl,” being produced with Vertigo and Gold Circle Films, and “The Stanford Prison Experiment.”

Screen Gems’ upcoming releases include “The Covenant” and “Vacancy.”

Source: Variety