New ‘Feast’ Teaser Poster, DVD Release Date!

It was announced this past week that Dimension Films’ highly anticipated, and long delayed splatter pic Feast (review #1, #2) would finally be coming to theaters September 22nd, now today it was announced via that the DVD will be rushed out before Halloween! See the movie in September and then buy it in Haloween? You can’t beat that, especially when you’ll all soon find out this will be a cult classic. In addition to this fantastic news, we’ve been sent the new teaser poster for the film, which I’m sure isn’t quite the “official” poster, but it’s still f’n cool. Read on to check it out. In the film a group of strangers gather in a bar where they’re attacked and systematically killed by monsters. The film was a product of “Project Greenlight”, the program created by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Chris Moore to showcase new talent…

Source:, Jim Beamer