‘House of the Dead’ Interesting?

LordMangusZombie writes in from the premiere of House of the Dead in Puerto Rico, where he enjoyed the film, but found some parts to be very unappealing (ahem, the video game footage). Read on for a SPOILER filled positive review of the film that will battle it out with Kill Bill this Friday!
LordMangusZombie writes in the following review, “Is being a while since I wrote something in English, so that means I’m very, very rusty.

This past Saturday I got a chance to see the premiere here in Puerto Rico of House of the Dead. The good news is that the movie is very funny and entertaining, but is not perfect.

The story is about this kids that go to this island to celebrate the biggest rave party ever. But of course they don’t know that the undead is roaming the island craving for some young, tender and drunk human flesh.

Now what makes this movie different from the rest of the zombies movies in the market? First of all this suckers can move, I mean every time the zombies where going to attack they where running all the time and jumping long distances.

So don’t wait some slow moving hungry undead moaning all the time.

Another thing is that you don?t turn into a zombie if you get bite by one. I mean, isn’t that like a zombie rule? How do they turn you into a zombie? Well lets just say somebody has create a….zombie potion…I can’t wait to buy one of those.

Changing the subject, for some reason the directors of the movie decide to put parts of the video game into the movie, especially between action scenes. Why they decide to do this? Well is beyond me, but they slow down things. Actually everybody in the movie theater was laughing when this ‘interesting’ gaming scenes appear.

That had to tell you something.

Mmmm, now that I think about it, is funny how a couple of young kids can turn from the scary type into the “let’s kill everything that moves types.”

You can see this from the start of the movie until the turning point. All of them are scared and are only thinking of a way to escape from the island alive. But, as soon as they get their hand on some good ol’ guns they suddenly feel like Arnold Schwarzeneggerr in Commando.

This is actually the coolest part of the whole movie. You have around six people with all type of guns trying to reach this house. What’s the catch? Well around 60 fast moving zombies are guarding the house. What is the result? Heck a lot of mayhem, blood and fast violence hampered a little bit by the over use of the Matrix Slow Motion effect.

The acting is surprising good from this type of movie and you cared for them as soon as they start shooting any rotting moving corpses on site.

What?s the final verdict? If you are looking for a gory, bloody, disgusting zombie movie, then rent Zombie.

If you want a fun movie that you can go and enjoy with your friends then House of the Dead is for you.

Source: LordMangusZombie, Official Site