Ronny Yu Speaks on His Future!

Finally some word on the future straight from Ronny Yu’s mouth. Inside is news on Freddy vs Jason 2, the much talked about Nightmare Prequel, and even a hint at New Line having the rights to the Childs Play series! Who knows, maybe Yu will return to direct Seed of Chucky, ever think of that?
Moviehole recently chatted with Director Ronny Yu about some upcoming projects, here’s a taste.

“…Yu says that other ending will be on the forthcoming DVD. “It will be on there. Most definitely. But I’m not telling you who wins in that one”, he laughs. “There’s a great DVD coming actually. I love it. It’s called a Platinum Collectors edition and it’ll be two discs. On the first disc we will have this whole feature on the evolution of both series with interviews and everything, leading right up to Freddy vs. Jason. And then we have some deleted scenes, including some of the CGI stuff that I just didn’t think worked. There are also two commentaries – One just me by myself, and then one with Englund and the guy that plays Jason”.”

“And with “Freddy vs.Jason” doing so well at the overseas box office, is there talk of any more? “After the box office returns on this one, they’re already taking about it. And if they want me back, I’d be happy to come back. The fans really want another one. This time, I think we should split Freddy and Jason up though and bring in someone like Michael Myers.”

“Yu says he’d also be interested in directing the much-talked about “Elm Street” prequel, that Robert Englund’s flying the flag for. “I’d love to. Robert is so for it. I mean, he’s so into Freddy. He’s just so good at it.”

“Another iconic horror character making a comeback according to the grapevine is Chucky. Yu directed the last instalment, “Bride of Chucky”. “They’ve been talking about it for so long, doing another one. But I really enjoyed doing Bride. It came down to the fact that they just had a great script. It was a great experience. I learnt on Hong Kong movies how to successfully mix-match both the horror and comedy genre’s and I think made it work here, and also for Freddy vs. Jason.”

For more, and news on Yu’s next flick, Blood: The Last Vampire, follow the link at the top.

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Source: Moviehole