More NECA: First Pic of Hannibal Lecter, Saw Puppet, Surprise!

If the announcement of the Hall of Fame line here wasn’t cool enough, today NECA shared with the horror community the first pics of their Hannibal Lecter figure from Silence of the Lambs and their Billie the puppet figure from Saw, which will also include a Jigsaw figure (previously reported on here, with pics). The figures will be part of NECA’s upcoming Cult Classics: Series 5, read on for a look and a surprise! Hey McFarlane, thanks for the Hannibal figure — all NECA has to do now is bring us a Reagan figure from The Exorcist and we’re golden…

Head on over to NECA’s MySpace page for more pics:

What in gods Earth is this little guy doing in the NECA logo???!!

Source: NECA's MySpace