‘Grind House’ Finally on Track, Sequel Planned!

It’s been one long hard road for WeinsteinCo.’s horror pic Grind House, which features two 60-minute horror films – one by Quentin Tarantino, the other by Robert Rodriguez. A little over a month ago Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror,” a zombie pic, was shut down due to personal problems. No word on when it would pick back up was announced. While that was going on, Tarantino’s “Death Proof,” which is about an indestructible car, was casting and aiming for a July shoot. The latest news was that the film would hit theaters April 6th, 2007 and that a few more names have joined the cast, but nothing more. Today MTV got word that the film(s) have picked back up and that the dynamic duo is already planning a sequel from the faux movie trailers in between both movies! Read on for the skinny…
MTV writes:

“Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have already combined on several memorable projects that could best be described as the good (“Sin City”), the bad (“Four Rooms”) and the gloriously ugly (“From Dusk Till Dawn”), so it’s no surprise that their next collaboration, “Grind House,” is equal parts humorous, horrific and hokey. “It’s awesome,” Rodriguez reported last week of the flick, which is actually two smaller films with tongue-in-cheek trailers littered among them. “I was just filming last night. Quentin operates the second camera, and I’ll be done shooting soon and then I’ll be shooting his movie. It’s going to be wild.” The longtime friends are helping each other out with their respective films and expect the unorthodox project to hit theaters in April. Speaking about the trailers, Rodriguez added: “I can’t say anything about it because those are really surprises. Danny Trejo [‘Con Air’] is in one, but there’s another one that’s huge. People are going to wish that one was the movie.” Finally, Rodriguez dropped the bombshell that there is already talk of a “Grind House” sequel, which would bring the fake ads from the first flick to fruition. “If those trailers are great enough,” he revealed, “they might be part of the feature we do for the next ‘Grind House.'”

Source: MTV