Pulse, Texas Chainsaw Prequel Get New Dates

New Line Cinema is showing their excitement for their Leatherface prequel, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, by bumping up the release date two days from October 6th to the 4th. In 1969, two brothers embark on a road trip across Texas with their girlfriends. They soon run into trouble when they cross paths with a maniacal sheriff and are taken to a house of horrors. Within waits a man who’ll be groomed to become the thing known as Leatherface. Also, Dimension Films must be pretty happy with their reshoots considering they moved their remake of Pulse back to August, the 11th to be exact, from it’s September 8th date. Horrifying supernatural events consume the life of Mattie (Kristen Bell) once she receives an e-mail from her friend begging for help from beyond the grave. Click the titles above for pics, trailers, synopses and more!