Dread Central Rises with Exclusive ‘The Descent’ Clip

Can you believe it has been seven years since Johnny Butane started Creature-Corner? Then Johnny and co. took a big chance over at The Horror Channel, which ended up being one of the biggest farces in the history of mankind (I’ll never support them again, Monsters HD all the way). So here we are, seven years later, Butane has finally got something to call his own — Dread Central. Check it out, give ‘em some props, they deserve it for hanging around this long and taking the beating of a lifetime. While you’re there you can check out the exclusive first clip from Lionsgate’s The Descent (review), which hits theaters August 4th. The Descent is Neil Marshall’s hotly anticipated follow up to his 2002 hit Dog Soldiers. Directed by Marshall from his own script, the film tells the story of an all female caving expedition that goes terrifyingly wrong. Set in a cave system deep in the Appalachian Mountains.

Source: Dread Central