‘Exorcist’ Goes Back to the Beginning

Getting ready to start anew, a source at Morgan Creek recently talked about the re-shoots for Exorcist: The Beginning that will begin in Morocco in mid-November. It looks like we’ll be waiting alot longer than expected for this ‘cursed’ prequel. Read on for the full scoop.
Captain Howdy received word from Morgan Creek today regarding their prequel Exorcist: The Beginning being effected by Universal Studios signing on as Morgan Creek’s distributor as of January 1st, 2004, replacing Warner Brothers.

As presumed, despite The Beginning not being released until early 2004, Warner Brothers will still distribute the film as part of the original agreement.

While the actual shooting of Exorcist: The Beginning was a smooth ride (wrapping in Rome CineCitta Studios this February), post production has proved to be a headache which has seen director Paul Schrader fired and re-shoots demanded after the viewing of his first cut.

Morgan Creek also confirmed to CaptainHowdy.com today that a first quarter release for the prequel is highly unlikely, completely ruling out the speculated February 6 2004 release.

Re-shoots are scheduled to begin mid-November in Morocco, a year after principal photography began at the same location.”

Source: Captain Howdy