New ‘Halloween’ Comic Introduced in 25 Years of Terror

Halloween Autopsis is a new Halloween comic book found exclusively packaged with the forthcoming Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror DVD released on July 25th by Anchor Bay. Written by Stefan Hutchinson (the writer / producer / director of the documentary and writer of the previous comic ‘Halloween: One Good Scare’) and illustrated by newcomers Marcus Smith (pencils and inks) and Nick Dismas (colors), ‘Halloween Autopsis’ tells the story of Carter, a failed photo journalist whose life has fallen into a rut. He then receives an assignment from a magazine to follow Dr. Sam Loomis in the hope of finding information about mass-murderer Michael Myers. As Carter learns more about Loomis and Myers, he senses their obsessive tendencies making their way into his own personality. Read on for a special advanced peak at the comic. Click here for the full specs or to order this DVD gem.

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