Comic Con ’06: ‘Saw 3′ Clip Gives Homage to Hellraiser

About an hour ago I had the pleasure to check out the world premiere clip from Lionsgate’s Saw 3, which was shown at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Director Darren Lynn Bousman promised more gore, more terror and more horror than in Saw 2… and he wasn’t joking. This incomplete clip displayed a man who wakes up with chains attached to all parts of his body, Jigsaw taunts his inability to stay out of prison as he only has a few minutes to tear his flesh loose from the chains to save himself from sure death. It was easily one of the best things I’ve ever seen in this quickly growing franchise. Watch for more Comic Con coverage live all weekend long as Bloody-Disgusting will keep you posted on everything horror related. ‘Saw 3′ hits theaters everywhere October 27th, the trailer will be attached to ‘The Descent’ on August 4th.