Exclusive: Marshall on Zombie Sex, Descent 2 and More!!

We’re finally back from the San Diego Comic Con, but we’ve still got so much news for you guys it’s not even funny. The following news sent in by B-D reporter SpookyDan is probably the biggest we have as he scored a one-on-one interview with Neil Marshalll, writer and director of Lionsgate’s The Descent (review), which hits theaters everywhere on August 4th. We scored some great bits of news such as plans for a zombie sex scene, news on his next horror feature Outpost and the breaking announcement of The Ninth Legion! Read on for the skinny…
We knew Marshall was hard at work on a film called DOOMSDAY and another horror film in the near future entitled OUTPOST, but we didn’t expect to score this sexy nugget of goodness, “We are doing a movie called THE NINTH LEGION straight after we are done with DOOMSDAY,” Marshall tells us. He plans on doing the film “with the same people that did the THE DESCENT.” He tells B-D exclusively that “it’s a historical action film with warriors and Romans.

As we broke the news a few days ago, Marshall is already working on plans for DESCENT 2, but we’ve got a little more on the project that we haven’t revealed yet, “A treatment is in the works, I’m not directing it, but I will oversee it and want to be a part of it,” he explains, “[We have] no directors or cast in mind yet, we just got our first draft yesterday. I set some strict rules about what I want it to be and I don’t want it to be a rehashing of the first. Based on the reaction of people is that we struck a nerve with the claustrophobia scene, a lot of people say that scene is the one that stuck. The monsters they can deal with, and a bit of the claustrophobia, they can deal with, but the combination is definitely something we want to incorporate that into the sequel, by putting the monster AND the girls in a really tight spot.

While it was announced that Marshall’s next horror film would be OUTPOST, about terror on an oil rig, we’ve been informed that the film is on the back burner, “ Doomsday is first before OUTPOST, OUTPOST is kind of on the back burner for the moment, I was going to do OUTPOST first but then all these zombie films started popping up all over the place, so I don’t expect to get around to it until at least 2008.

SpookDan loves his nudity in horror films, and apparently so does Marshall… with zombies, “There will be some fantastic nudity in Outpost, I am devising a zombie sex scene that will be quite unique.

So what exactly is DOOMSDAY? “DOOMSDAY is my post apocalyptic adventure movie “Badland meets escape from New York,” by ways of 28 days later, no zombies, a killer virus, it’s set in the UK but I don’t want to give too much of the plot away,” Marshall explains, “It’s not cast yet, but nobody famous [will be in it]. It’s going to be another sort of ensemble group of up and coming people. It’s a much bigger cast than I have worked with. There are big riot scenes, big effects – it’s twice as big as anything that I have done before combined, so it’s pretty exciting. I am looking forward to shooting my first car chase. And, it’s going to be full of gratuitous violence. It’s still going to be really dark, but it’s not a horror film, a lot of violent action.