SDCC ’06: Venom and ‘Grind House’ Footage Seen!!

This was the biggest Comic Con of all time as over 100,000 people were in attendance. The bigger panels such as for Columbia Pictures’ Spiderman 3 had a demand from about 20,000 people while they could only accommodate 7,000. Because of this we nearly missed the first footage of Venom – but with a little balls and some serious bullsh*ting we were able to weasel our way in. In addition to this amazing split-second good bump inducing footage, we had the chance to see a special Comic Con made trailer for Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grind House, which blew my socks off. Read on for the skinny on both…
I love the cool cats at Sony, but a lot of reporters really got f-cked this year. We were upstairs interviewing Raimi and co. so while people were flooding into the panel we were stuck upstairs helping promote the film. So when it came time to go see the actual footage, only 6 out of like 30 reporters got in to see it! There was no way in, the line wrapped around the building. It’s not Sony’s fault, but maybe next year they should show us the footage in the interview room?

Anyways, I cut the entire line by showing my press pass and then told the front door people that my fiancé puked and passed out from a heat stroke, so we had to leave. They then escorted us back in! Woot woot! So after all of the aggravation and BS we got to see Venom… all for about 1 second. That one single second was probably the great second of my entire life as the “unfinished” Venom gave me goose pimples like never before. He’s fierce, scary and monstrous.

Now what I really want to talk about is GRIND HOUSE… the greatest horror film ever made. I know what you’re asking – “you’ve seen it?” No I have not, but I don’t need to, the footage we saw was enough for me to safely say this will be one of the best horror films ever made. The footage we were shown looked like George A. Romero’s `Dawn of the Dead’, only if it had been shot with the technology we had today. We got to see people get hit by cars and explode, zombies chowing down on human guts, explosions and best of all Rose McGowan rockin’ an automatic weapon as a leg. My first gut reaction to the gun as a leg was “lame”, until I saw the footage. Rose is chillin’ on the back of a motor cycle blowing off zombie heads with the gun, then she’s rolling on the ground and aiming it at more zombie scum. We also got to see the Danny Treo commercial, which Tarantino and Rodriquez said they’d like to make a feature in the sequel. Explaining what we saw doesn’t do it any justice; you just have to see it. The way they made the film look only added to the sheer excitement it evoked. They made it look like a grind house film carrying black lines across the screen and tons of positive and negative dirt. It looks completely authentic to the `70s other than the effects they added. This is going to be one hell of a ride, so hang on!

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez each will direct a feature length horror tale including fake movie trailers in between both movies. Rodriguez’s part, “Project Terror,” will be a zombie pic, while Tarantino’s section, “Death Proof,” will be a slasher seg featuring an indestructible car.