Trailer Park: ‘Calvaire’ Opening in NY August 11th!

It was announced a few months back that Palm Pictures would release Fabrice Du Welz’s Calvaire (The Ordeal) in NY on August 11th, it was confirmed today by Fango. The pic will make its U.S. debut August 11 at New York City’s Cinema Village theater. In addition, you can check out the new domestic trailer by clicking here. Read on to take a look at the new one sheet, which is pretty much the same as the original, as well as a long synopsis…
Laurent Lucas plays lounge singer Marc Stevens, a handsome and affable chap who has his van break down between Christmastime gigs. Late at night, in the pouring rain, Marc unwisely heeds the advice of Belgian lunatic Boris and treks off into the night. He’s looking for a well-off-the-beaten-path little hotel… and boy does he find it.

Nestled firmly in the middle of Inbred County, Belgium, is the Hotel Bartel. The owner is a lonely little freak, but Marc thinks nothing of the dank desolation before settling in for an overnight stay. Mr. Bartel promises to have Marc’s van up and running in short order, but we all know that’s not very likely. Marc spends his afternoon wandering the countryside, and he soon comes across a barn in which several gibbering goons are having sex with livestock. He heads back to the hotel.

Before too long, Marc realizes that Mr. Bartel (and the perpetually
popping-up Boris) are more than a little off their respective rockers, and he decides to hit the road, period. Big mistake, Marc. Seems that the whacked-out hotel-master has grown, shall we say ‘attached’, to his current visitor. Thus begins a descent into nastiness that involves handcuffs, bear traps, shorn scalps and rape.

Source: Fango, Palm Pictures