First Pics from ‘The Girl Next Door’ Adaptation

The folks over at ModernCine just released the first images from their adaptation of Jack Ketchum’s notorious The Girl Next Door, which just wrapped its first week of principal photography. Directed by Gregory Wilson, the film stars Mae Whitman, Blanche Baker, Blythe Auffarth and Daniel Manche. In the film a teenage girl is held captive and brutally tortured by neighborhood children. Based on a true story, this shocking novel reveals the depravity of which we are all capable. Read on for the pics and more info on the film… and the DVD release of Headspace!!!

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From Andrew van den Houten of ModernCine:

Dear Friends, Family and Fans,

It is with great excitement to announce that week one of shooting our latest feature film “The Girl Next Door,” based on the best-selling novel by Jack Ketchum, is complete. The screenplay penned by Daniel Farrands and Philip Nutman is one of the truest adaptations of a novel to date. Both William Miller, my producing partner and cinematographer, and I are amazed at how intensely and beautifully the scenes are translating to film. Thanks to the vision and direction of Gregory Wilson, I can say wholeheartedly, this film is going to wake people up about child abuse and expose the dirtiest stains and darkest secrets that are embedded within our society. We are honored and more than pleased with the clear and uncompromised vision that Mr. Wilson is taking in telling such a difficult story.

Just to mention a few, the cast for this dark tale includes Emmy Award winning actress Blanche Baker, Catherine Mary Stuart, Grant Show, Blythe Auffarth and Kevin Chamberlin. Kudos to Cindi Rush, our casting director, for assembling such an amazing cast that also includes the talent of New York’s finest young child actors. To mention a couple are Daniel Manche, the star of “Tarzan” on Broadway, and Austin Williams, George Clooney’s co-star in the upcoming film, “Michael Clayton.” Austin also plays young Matt Damon in Robert DeNiro’s latest film “The Good Shepherd.”

Ryan Shore, who composed the music for our most recently completed film “Headspace,” will be doing the score for Jack Ketchum’s “The Girl Next Door.” We are honored to have him on board once again as his talents elevate and strengthen our films on an entirely different level.

Finally, on the “Headspace” front, we come out nationwide on September 12th! That’s right…we will be available at Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Circuit City, Walmart, and many more. PLEASE PUT IT ON YOUR NETFLIX LIST FOR SEPTEMBER IF YOU SUBSCRIBE:


You can pre-order to own a copy from any of the below links:

Source: ModernCine